Former Madames’ Message

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Former Madames’ Message

Dear MWDC Team

I would like to say two things today; thank you and congratulations.

Thank you…for a wonderful year as your 2013 Madame Wob Dwiyet Canada. I enjoyed attending the events and being your cultural ambassador. Thank you for all of your support and initiative to make my reign a good one.

Congratulations…on a wonderful show last night! I have to say that yesterday’s show was truly amazing. It was professionally run, well organized, well judged and ran quite smoothly. The ladies this year stepped their game up! Lorraine, the dwiyets, and headpieces were outstanding. Vanessa the training for the girls and ladies was very well done.

Glenora, good work with securing all of that sponsorship and coordination. Nicole, great work on the radio and with the media.
Here’s to another positive year!

2013 Madame Wob Dwiyet Canada